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Coconut + Lime Bliss Balls

How good are bliss balls? They are just like an explosion of yumminess in your mouth, the prefect bit-sized snack, are great at combating your 3:30itis and the flavour combinations are ENDLESS! I don’t think anyone could hate a bliss ball! (after all “bliss” is in their name ;) )! Though I must admit! The one thing I do despise about them is the tedious process of rolling them into cute little balls of goodness! It can take sooo long, your hands get sticky and lets be honest all you want to do it eat them (confession: sometimes I will scoop the mixture into a pan, spread it out, refrigerate for 30 and cut into bars – so much easier and still as tasty!). Anyways, this is one of my favourite bliss ball recipes – its sweet, yet sour, super easy, nutritionally balanced and totally worth the annoying ‘ball-rolling step’!


The following is a list of the many benefits a serve (2 tbsp) of Lime juice can provide to you!

  • SUBTLE SKIN - Lime juice and its natural oils are very beneficial for skin when consumed orally or applied externally. It rejuvenates the skin, keeps it shining, protects it from infections and reduces body odor due to the presence of a large amount of vitamin-C and flavonoids.

  • DIGESTION - Flavonoids, the compounds found in the fragrant oils extracted from lime, stimulate the digestive system and increase secretion of digestive juices, bile and acids, additionally flavonoids stimulate the peristaltic (movement of food down the gut) motion.

  • DIABETES REGULATOR - Limes and other citrus fruits are considered a diabetes SUPER FOOD! Mainly, the high levels of soluble fiber found in limes make it an ideal dietary aid to help regulate the body’s absorption of sugar into the bloodstream, reducing the occurrence of blood sugar spikes that are a serious risk to to diabetic patients.

  • DECREASE HEART DISEASE - The same soluble fiber can also lower blood pressure and eliminate the presence of LDL (BAD) cholesterol, which is a known to prevent against heart diseases, heart attacks, and strokes.

  • ALLEVIATE ARTHRITIS - One of the many causes of arthritis is an excess of uric acid that builds up in the body. Uric acid is one of the waste products that normal urination will clear out of the body. When too much of it builds up, it can make the pain and inflammation from arthritis even worse. The citric acid found in limes can dissolve uric acid, increasing the amounts that are eliminated in the urine and in turn alleviating arthritic pain!

  • EXCELLENT EYES - Vitamin-C in limes have anti-oxidant properties which protect the eyes from aging and macular degeneration.


The thing I love about food is that there are endless possibilities of ways you can use it, some which can make the food more tolerable, some which can increase the nutritional properties and some which don’t even require eating! Here are some of my favourite uses for limes:

  • When applied externally on the skin, its acids scrub out dead cells, cures dandruff, rashes and bruises. It can also be used to create a refreshing bathing experience if its juice or oil is mixed into your bathing water.

  • Add a squeeze of lime juice to a glass of warm water in the morning for a detox tonic!

  • I love squeezing lime juice into my Guacamole!

  • Adding sliced lime, strawberries + mint leaves to you bottle of water creates a beautifully tasty water infusion!


I must admit I am one of those people who when told “less is more” ignores that advice COMPLETELY and will instead use half the product in the first use or drench my whole meal with the “SUPERFOOD”. I think that especially in regards to products and foods that are deemed “healthy” for you, people are more likely to consume/use extra in the hope that it will make them SUPER HEALTHY, SUPER QUICK! Though I have come to realise that sometimes having too much of a good thing can actually to more harm than good! Some of the not so happy side effects that can occur if you overdo it are:

  • GERD – 'gastroesphageal reflux disorder’ which is a digestive disorder that affects the ring of muscle between the oesophagus and stomach. GERD is triggered by spicy or acidic foods, such as lime juice and can cause nausea, heartburn and vomiting.

  • TOOTH DECAY - lime juice has high citric acid content. This can lead to the decay of the tooth enamel. The high acidic content in lime juice can dissolve the enamel. When this decay progresses into the dentin, you might start experiencing sensitivity and pain.

  • STOMACH ULCERS - The citric acid in lime encourages the ulcers within the stomach. This causes them to aggravate and worsen. The increased acid (citric acid + acid produced in your stomach) can irritate the stomach lining and stop the ulcers from healing properly.



  • 1/2 cup rolled oats (gf if required)

  • 1/2 cup cashews

  • 5 medjool dates, pitted

  • 1 Tbsp. tahini

  • 1 tsp salt

  • Juice and zest of 1 lime

  • 1/4 cup desiccated coconut (plus extra to roll in)

To do

  1. Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until a ball of deliciousness forms. If too sticky add some more oats.

  2. Then roll heaped teaspoons of the mixture into balls and coat in coconut. Place in fridge for one hour to firm up or eat as is!

  3. These can be stored in the fridge for up to one week (though i doubt they will last the day ;) )

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