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Fresh. Healthy. Homemade. And damn delicious! These rice paper rolls are both fun to make and eat! Get creative this weekend and roll up some rice paper rolls for the week ahead! Great as a snack or a lunch option, you can choose a range of combinations for your fillings! Some of my favourite combos are vegetarian with tofu, mixed veggie and chicken or tuna and even a dessert one with fresh fruit and mint and a maple PB dipping sauce! Have fun and ENJOY!


1 packet of rice paper wrappers (either 16cm or 22cm) 1 cup shredded BBQ chicken, tuna or tofu 2 garlic cloves, minced 2 tbs olive oil 1 tbs sesame oil 2 tbs low salt soy sauce 1 carrot, cut into tiny strips 1 cucumber, cut into tiny strips Iceberg lettuce ½ capsicum, chopped ½ red onion, chopped 2 tbs mint leaves, finely chopped Chopped walnuts


1. Place all your vegetables, herbs and nuts in one spot, ready to roll.

2. Prepare a bowl of hot water to soak the wrappers.

3. Make dipping sauce by mixing honey, water and lime juice. Taste and add more or less lime juice/honey as needed. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well.

4. Soak one rice wrapper at a time in the warm water until damp and flexible. Place it onto your working surface.

5. Fill ⅓ of the wrapper with your vegetables, mint, walnuts and chicken. Start rolling away from you, tucking in the sides as you go. Your rolls will be thicker if you add in more filling.

6. Serve with the dipping sauce! ENJOY!

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