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How to have a guilt free holiday season.

Its Christmas season which means lots of food, too much alcohol and an endless list of events to attend! For many of us “health-freaks” it can be a tricky time of year, full of temptations we do not want to give into, negative self-talk, restrictions, missing usual workouts and surprisingly more often bingeing…

Bingeing can occur for an array of reasons, though for people who have a very restrictive diet and avoid “naughty” foods, when they consume a “treat” they can continue to eat, wiping out all natural intuitions of when they have eaten enough.

This is why I try to promote a balanced lifestyle, one free of restriction and negative thoughts. When we allow ourselves to be human at all times and enjoy that piece of cake or take a day off from exercise, we free ourselves from the power food can have over us, when living in a life fearing food and what it could do to our appearance.

I have been there and done that, eaten enough for an army and been lying in bed regretting every choice and feeling totally uncomfortable. Though to be honest this year is one of the first when I have surrendered my eating patterns to what my mind, stomach and body is telling me – rather than my emotions and negative self-talk. I want you to be able to enjoy the holiday season without dreading each event or beating yourself up if you miss a workout. So here are my top tips to avoid the binge and guilt:

  1. REGULARLY PRACTICE INTUITIVE EATING – Whereby you eat in response to what your body wants. Trust me your body will get sick of consuming “unhealthy” foods real quick, leading to naturally only consuming it sometimes and predominately having a healthy diet!

  2. DON'T STRESS IF YOU DON'T GET TO SWEAT – if you miss a regular workout because you have an event or your friends want to continue the party a little longer, don’t punish yourself by not eating, or try and get out of the occasion. Instead just commit to a shorter bit of movement for that day, be it a walk or a quick 10-20 minute home workout! Any movement will make you feel better!

  3. REST – this is a busy time of the year and to me is a time to reset and get ready for the year ahead. Sleep in a bit longer, take a nap and take time to do things you love. Be it reading, watching Netflix or writing down goals for next year, these are all forms of self-love and will aid in improving self-esteem.

  4. DON'T TAKE FOOD HOME – this is where bingeing typically occurs. When you know people are watching you, you are less likely to overeat for fear of judgement. So if you find yourself stocking up on food, or taking a big plate home to eat in the comfort of your home, without judging eyes, then put the plate down and just grab something to eat in the moment.

  5. ENJOY YOURSELF – it is the silly season after all! Have fun catching up with your family and friends, appreciate the good food they cook and relish a drink (or two)! Remember that this time of the year only usually occurs once, so relax, make memories and listen to your body!

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