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New Year's Resolution - I'm calling BS!

New Year – new me! Sparkle in the New Year! Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right! I bet you have used one of these catchy slogans before, when trying to convince yourself that this year you will do bigger and better! But to be honest I think New Year’s resolutions are silly and in most cases don’t result in positive outcomes, but rather negative!

One of the most common NY resolutions (as I am sure you can all guess – or have all committed to at least one) is to “lose weight” or “get fit”. And in most cases these resolutions are undertaken by quick fix diets or intense, unrealistic fitness regimes, which all work in the short term and provide amazing (what are you doing – I want to do it too) results, which unfortunately are short lived and result in putting the weight back on and giving up exercise all together! I don’t want to be negative Nancy and hey some people can actually lose weight and get fit and keep at it for longer than 3 months! Though I hate that this is what “Healthy” has become. It is too often associated with the size of your body, your “sexiness” and how many burpees you can do before passing out, rather than the actual definition of healthy:

1: free from disease or pain: enjoying health and vigor of body, mind or spirit (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary)

It is simple, accurate and it makes complete sense. We are healthy when we are not sick, when we can do all of things we want our body’s to be able to do and when we are enjoying ourselves! Also what is most often forgotten in that our body is not the only thing that makes us healthy, but our mind and spirit play a MAJOR role (I think more than our body)!

Now I am not only anti “health” related NY resolutions, but pretty much the whole concept all together for these top four reasons:

  1. PRESSURE - It puts so much pressure on ourselves to achieve something big and amazing within the year. Pressure to decide what we want to achieve, pressure on top of a sometimes already stressful day-to-day life and pressure to actually reach the goal.

  2. SELF-ESTEEM – if we don’t achieve our goal, we feel like we have failed and are not good enough. This can lead to diminished self-esteem and a negative mindset, which can in turn affect us achieving day to day goals, applying for that new job, or expressing your own opinion!

  3. MISSING GOALS – when you have some silly (often meaningless) NY resolution on your mind you can come to miss goals or dreams that pop up along the way, brushing them away because you are too “busy” focusing on your NY resolution!

  4. DELAYING ACTION – this is a big one! Lots of people come across something they want to do or achieve, though will label it as “next year’s resolution”, rather than taking action in the here and now! Most often leading to missed opportunities and the action never being taken in the future!

So as NYE rolls around, don’t spend the night worrying about what your NY resolution is, but rather have fun, enjoy the night and have gratitude and excitement for the year ahead!

Happy New Year babes x

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