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How to train when it is TOO DAMN HOT!

In Canberra we are blessed to be able to say that most years we get to experience all four seasons! This means beautiful changes in the landscape and getting to experience different weather patterns, though at the same time it means we experience super cold weather and excruciatingly hot weather and it means we have to ensure our wardrobe is always equipped for these seasons! Likewise we have to prepare our bodies to work out in the heat and the freezing cold!

I am someone who likes to workout outside when possible! Canberra has such beautiful scenery, isn’t too busy and has an array of beautiful places to get your sweat on! Though, like mentioned above, this can become an issue when summer rolls around and can lead to people stopping exercise all together! But trust me, there are ways around it and these are my top tips:

  1. TRAIN EARLY MORNING OR LATE EVENING – This can make a really big difference! The sun won’t be beating down on you and the temperature in most cases is 5-10 degrees lower! My go to is to train early morning so that way I have the rest of the day to relax and won’t come up with an excuse of why I can’t work out in the evening!

  2. DO AN AT HOME WORKOUT – have a spare room or some space in your house? Then you can most certainly do a workout! Grab a mat and smash out a bodyweight (or if you have equipment use that) workout! There are so many at home workout ideas on the internet – your workout is a google search away! Most houses are air-conditioned or have a fan in them these days, so set up where it is coolest to beat the heat outside!

  3. GO FOR A SWIM – swimming is a workout too! Head down to your local swimming pool and chuck a few laps! They may even have some aerobics classes scheduled!

  4. WEAR LIGHTWEIGHT CLOTHES – lightweight workout gear makes a huge difference! It is more breathable, doesn’t cling to your body, allows smoother movement and will definitely make you feel cooler.

  5. HAVE ICED WATER ON YOU – try freezing half of your drink bottle water and topping up with fresh cold water before the workout. This can double as a refreshing ice pack and as a thirst quenching drink! In the heat it is even more important to stay hydrated as we usually sweat more and thus become dehydrated a lot quicker. This also means we require a lot more water throughout the day! I also like to pack a separate water bottle to pour some water on myself if I feel over heated.

So I hope these tips give you some new creative ways to work out in the heat and keep your workouts interesting! Let me know if you have any other tips x

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