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Spelt Pasta with Napoletana Sauce

I have said it before and i will of course say it again - I love pasta and simply cannot live without it! As with many people I have tried the whole "no-carb, low-carb" diet, whereby pasta is a big NO-NO! It was painful, most certainly not possible long term and as with many diets - did nothing! Zoodles are cute and all - but have no place trying to replace pasta!

This is where San Remo comes in! It provides the same great taste and energy requirements of a good bowl of pasta PLUS an array of nutritional benefits! From wholemeal to spelt and now the amazing high protein, low carb legume range, San Remo has me (and you) covered! Say goodbye to Zoodles and hello to San Remo! In the recipe below I used the spelt pasta, though any of the San Remo range will work!


San Remo Spelt Pasta

2 tbsp olive oil

2 garlic cloves

400g tin of whole tomatoes

¼ cup basil leaves

½ cup low fat ricotta

Salt and pepper


1. Cook pasta as per packet directions.

2. Add oil and garlic to a pan on medium heat. Cook for 2 mins until garlic is just colouring

3. Add tomatoes to the pan and crush with a wooden spoon.

4. Add half a cup of water from the pasta pot to the pan.

5. Cook for 3 to 4 mins, stirring constantly on medium to high heat.

6. Add basil, stir through and turn off heat. Season sauce with salt & pepper.

7.Strain pasta and add to sauce. Add half the ricotta to sauce and stir.

8. Sprinkle remaining ricotta over and serve

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