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NOSHU Raspberry & Vanilla Birthday Cake

Yes - this cake does taste as good as it sounds - and what makes it even better is that it is a packet mix with no added sugars and natural ingredients! Being a packet mix means this cake was way too easy to make and you can get creative with the flavour combinations! Noshu also have a range of sugar free donuts and a chocolate cake and brownie mix (highly recommended!) in their range! Also, whilst I was perusing on their website it came to my attention that they also have MUFFINS!! I have not seen or tried these yet - though am definitely keen to! Most of there products can be found at a local Woolworths store in the cake mix aisle or the refrigerated sweets (for the donuts).


2 x Noshu vanilla cake mix

6x eggs

2 cups of milk

240g butter, melted

1 small tub of ricotta cheese

1 punnet of raspberries

120g honey macadamias, divided

250g Philadelphia cream cheese, softened


1. Bake the cake according to packet directions. You will be doubling the recipe as you are using both cake mixes to bake one cake in a 30cm cake tin.

2. While the cake is cooling, make the icing. For the icing add the cream cheese to a stand mixer along with the provided icing mix. Mix on high until soft and fluffy. Keep in fridge until needed.

3. In a bowl mix the ricotta with 1/2 the punnet of raspberries and 60g of chopped macadamias. Keep in fridge until needed.

4. Once the cake is completely cool, slice the cake in half horizontally. spread the ricotta mixture on the bottom layer and place the top layer of cake back on.

5. Now spread the cream cheese mixture over the cake, you can ice the whole cake or just the top half.

6. Decorate with remaining raspberries and macadamias.

7. ENJOY! This cake can be refrigerated for up to a week (though it will probably be eaten by then)

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