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Australians Eating Habits

Taste.com.au, in association with Freedom Foods, surveyed more than 11,000 people who are collectively responsible for the mealtime choices of more than 33,200 Australians to reveal diet habits, the impacts of the common Australian diet on our health and how our health has improved!

Sometimes I find we can get into our own little bubbles, assuming (or expecting) everyone to have the same diet regime and hold a healthy diet to the same priority as ourselves. Though in reality this is not the case. The diets of Australians (and all humans) vary far and wide. This can be due to cultural, socioeconomic, religious and personal factors and can contribute to an array of health outcomes.

I found this survey was a great way to capture the common food habits of Australians. It was even more interesting to see that most of the habits were opposite to my own!

Below is a summary of the results, supplied by Taste.com:

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