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Your supermarket guidance pack!

For many of my clients they find the supermarket to be where they make all there bad food choices and don’t know how to find and purchase “healthy foods”. Here is a quick guide to the areas of the supermarket I head to and what I fill my basket with from each of them!


This is the first place I head to at the supermarket. Here I pick up bunches of green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, silverbeet and kale. You can also stock up on your favourite

fruits, vegetables and herbs! Mine are pumpkin, avocado and fruit bowl staples, like bananas, apples, and oranges.

TOP TIP: Look for salad bags that have a combination of leafy greens and vegetables like shredded carrot and beetroot!


Stop for three key foods here. Lean beef, turkey are great sources of lean protein and salmon gives you an omega 3 punch!

TOP TIP: When possible, try to avoid the pre-made meatballs and pre-crumbed meats. They usually have extra calories and preservatives that can be reduced my doing it yourself at home!


Mmm – my favourite aisle! Here you will find all of the “superfoods”, such as wheatgerm, cacao powder, green tea, chia and tahini (choose ‘unhulled’ to get more nutrition).

TOP TIP: Keep in mind that some of these same ingredients are also in different sections of the store and are cheaper! The health food aisle can sometimes be a big RIP OFF! So before you buy your $20 packet of organic almonds, go see if they have them cheaper in the nut aisle!


Your lunchtime/weeknight dinner heroes – frozen vegies – live here. These are a great addition to noodle dishes, salads and soups. Also here live the frozen berries. Add frozen blueberries or raspberries to smoothies, baked treats or yogurt!

TOP TIP: You can now get individual steam-ready vegie bags that combine peas, beans, corn and broccoli, or carrots, cauliflower and broccoli. Perfect for a quick and healthy side, or to add to stir-fries or soups.


Legumes and a variety of canned vegies live here, and they’re excellent pantry staples. Canned tomatoes are stand-outs; they’re so versatile and supply lycopene, which can help prevent some cancers.

TOP TIP: To get three foods in one can, reach for the four-bean mix next time you’re at the shops. A super easy protein and fibre kick to any dish!


The variety of rice and other grains has exploded over the past few years. Brown or black rice, freekeh and quinoa, ancient grains and buckwheat! Even better – most of them now come in microwave sachets that are ready to eat in 90 seconds! These are my go-to lunch staples!

TOP TIP: Pick one of the rice blends that are now available, such as brown rice with quinoa or chia seeds, to double the nutritional benefits of your meal.


Here I pick up my milk and Greek yoghurt. If you don’t already, add cottage cheese to your shop; it’s a great high-protein, low-fat option. You can also grab some tofu, a dairy-free, nutrient-rich addition to your diet, and kombucha, the (smelly) fermented wonder-drink.

TOP TIP: Try yoghurt mixed with fruit purees with no added sugars to double the flavour and nutritional love!!

So hopefully these tips have alleviated any worries and provide a good guidance for you next time you head out to the supermarket!

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